1999 jeep grand cherokee crankshaft position sensor symptoms

1999 jeep grand cherokee crankshaft position sensor symptoms

The crankshaft position sensor is a component in modern automobiles that records the position of the engines crank. The sensor also reads basic timing signals for fuel injectors and ignition systems. When this component malfunctions, its symptoms can affect everything, from engine operation to fuel management.

Simple description on how to install a crankshaft sensor in a 97 (1999) in this case. These are fairly common sensors to go and symptoms tend to be failure to start, bogging sputtering, rough idle and loss of power. Tools you will need are socket wrench extensions 11mm socket new sensor fairly simple install and hope this can be.

The average cost for a jeep grand cherokee crankshaft position sensor replacement is between 230 and 303. Labor costs are estimated between 128 and 163 while parts are priced between 102 and 140.

This is a shortened version of my diagnosis of the dead jeep. Another shop had looked at the jeep and moved the fuse to an empty fuse bay. I thought it was strange that shorting the 5 volt reference signal would knock out the communication to the scanner.

Jeep grand cherokee crank sensor replacement - duration 1451. How-to diagnose a p0320 (crankshaft position sensor circuit failure) - duration 1522.

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Code 11 was pulled from the obd i computer (loss of camshaft or crankshaft position sensor). Com it was determined that the crankshaft position sensor was most likely.

Jeep grand cherokee owners have reported 28 problems related to crankshaft position sensor (under the electrical system category). Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of jeep grand cherokee based on all problems reported for the grand cherokee.

How to replace crank sensors in a jeep cherokee by christian killian if your jeep cherokee stalls unexpectedly, runs rough, starts hard, or doesnt start at all, you may have a bad crankshaft position sensor (cps).

If the crankshaft position sensor or its wiring have any issues, it can cause the crankshaft signal to be cut off while the engine is running, which can cause the engine to stall. However, a bad crankshaft position sensor can also produce this symptom.