1st woman governor of a state in free india

1st woman governor of a state in free india

List of female indian governors and lieutenant governors jump to navigation jump to search. In india, a governor is the constitutional head of each of the twenty-eight states. The governor is appointed by the president of india for a term of five years, and holds office at the presidents pleasure.

The first woman governor of a state in free india was ? A) mrs.

Arizona was the first state where a woman followed another woman as governor (they were from different parties). Arizona also has had the most female governors with a total of four, and is the first state to have three women in a row serve as governor.

Muthamma the first woman governor of a state in free india mrs sarojini naidu the first woman speaker of a state assembly shanno devi the first woman prime minister mrs indira gandhi the first woman minister in a government.

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Sushma swaraj(2014) first woman youngest minister of a state. Sushma swaraj (she became the cabinet minister of haryana when she was only 25 yrs old) first woman governor of independent india.

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