2 iexplore exe processes running in task manager

2 iexplore exe processes running in task manager

Exe processes running in task manager - posted in windows vista i noticed recently when browsing through my systems task manager that multiple instances of iexplore. Exe are running - even when i have not opened any internet explorer windows.

Exe processes in my task manager, and while checking installed programs in my addremove software list i found a program called cidhelp, which i didnt install for sure, after removing it, and punching some code, confirming that im a human beaing not a computer, or something like that, 2 iexplore.

Exes running at the same time on my system and also eating away twice the ram.

And indeed, your statement upon opening ie with no tabs i automatically get 2 iexplorer. Exe processes in task manager, and if i continue browsing in the same window i get more is basically the same as most of the other responses. In other words, yep, its normal to see multiple instances of iexplore.

Contrary to popular belief, killing this process does not mean you have to restart your computer! All you have to do is restart the explorer. If you have task manager up, click on file, then new task.

When i looked at the process listing today i noticed that two explorer. I also periodically check the task manager and have never noticed two instances of explorer running at the same time.

You can test this if you go into your task manager and try to end all of the iexplore. Exe processes and if they manage to return without you opening internet explorer or if two open.

Instead, youll have to end the process and then restart it as two separate steps. Right-click any empty area of the taskbar and choose task manager.