2 pair for 69 95 free eye exam

2 pair for 69 95 free eye exam

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In fact, more than half of our frames are in our two for 69. In addition, the eye exam (a 50 value) is free with this offer as well. Youll receive your eye exam from a licensed and professional optometrist. View some of our eyeglass frames or schedule your eye exam appointment online now.

95 free eye exam one pair of glasses is never enough! Now you can choose two for one low price and enjoy a spare set of glasses for yourself. Get 2 complete pairs of single vision glasses, plus a personalized eye exam by one of our independent optometristsall for only 59.

For 69 you get an eye exam plus 2 pairs of prescription glasses. Since eye exams generally cost at least 45 at most places, that means the glasses are only about 12 each. This price would put them in line with the cheapest glasses available, even online from places like zenni.

Ok well today my family went to americas best for their 69. All 3 of us wanted the deal expecting to pay about 210 total. We found the ones we wanted and then once we were ready to purchase they said that my glasses and my.