20 000 leagues under the sea full movie

20 000 leagues under the sea full movie

Plunged into the icy depths of the ocean, four brave explorers come face to face with priceless treasure and unimaginable danger! Based on jules verne s. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea by jules gabriel verne. Volume 6 of 54 of jules vernes extraordinary voyages, first printed in 1869.

Full length classic feature film, entire movie, full length movie, english. Cast allen holubar, dan hanlon, edna pendleton director stuart paton storyline captain nemo has built a fantastic submarine for his mission of revenge.

A ship sent to investigate a wave of mysterious sinkings encounters the advanced submarine, the nautilus, commanded by captain nemo.

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This 1954 disney version of jules vernes 20,000 leagues under the sea represented the studios costliest and most elaborate american-filmed effort to date. Kirk douglas plays a trouble-shooting 19th century seaman, trying to discover why so many whaling ships have been disappearing of late.

In the 19th century, an expert marine biologist is hired by the government to determine whats sinking ships all over the ocean. They are intercepted by a mysterious captain nemo and his incredible submarine.

Climb aboard the nautilus and into a strange undersea world of spellbinding adventure with shipwrecked survivors who have been taken captive by the mysterious captain nemo. Wavering between genius and madness, nemo has launched a deadly crusade across the seven seas.

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With michael caine, patrick dempsey, mia sara, adewale akinnuoye-agbaje. In 1886, a french marine biologist aboard an american warship is scouring the atlantic ocean in search of a sea monster that routinely attacks and sinks passing ships.